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AA Radio delivers turnkey radio communications solutions tailored to suite our customers business and operational requirements. Our diverse range of capabilities enable us to deploy appropriate resources to work closely with each of our customers on the design and delivery of the solution to best suit their needs.

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  • System Design
    • AA Radio is one the largest independent two-way radio solutions providers in Australia. Our highly experienced staff have been delivering high quality, high value and dependable solutions for over thirty years. Whilst the technology building blocks for these solutions has changed over the years, the fundamentals to achieving a successful outcome have not.

      With the delivery of any technology solution, following the required steps without shortcut is essential. In our extensive involvement with customer projects, we always seek to follow these disciplines, which of course need to be modified and structured to meet the unique needs of each project.

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  • Frequency Spectrum Changes
    • ACMA, the Federal Government authority for radio communications, has mandated that 400 MHz band radio channel licences be narrow banded by 31st December 2012 in high-density areas and 2015 for medium and low-density areas.

      Narrow banding is the process of changing licence conditions and the physical operating bandwidth of radio equipment from 25 KHz channels to 12.5 KHz channels.

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  • Maintenance & Service
    • Scheduled or on demand maintenance and servicing of your wireless communications equipment is vital to provide a system that can be relied upon during times of need. Regardless of whether you are an emergency services operation, a mining facility, a warehouse or transportation company, the need for instant and reliable communications is vital.

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  • Analogue Systems
    • Analogue has been the mainstay of radio communications technology for over seventy years. Whilst electronic hardware has progressed from vacuum tubes through to sophisticated miniaturized microelectronics, the fundamental platform of analogue modulation and channel access schemes has underpinned the rich functionality that society has enjoyed from this medium. All aspects of society including industry, Government, Public Safety, individuals and communities have greatly benefitted from the progression and evolution of analogue two-way radio.

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  • Digital Systems
    • In the European summer of 1895, Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi successfully managed to transmit a telegraphic message over a distance of 2.4 kilometres. And so, the man who history refers to as “the father of long distance radio transmission” gave to the world a platform of unimaginable possibilities. From these humble beginnings, radio has evolved and branched out into multiple areas that have touched all our lives. From Wireless LAN’s through to Paging Receivers, Mobile Telephones through to Trunked Radios and the many seemingly endless variations in between.

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  • Analogue to Digital Migration
    • Many users of analogue two-way radio are now entering a phase where their systems need modernising. This can be due to a number of factors such as:

      • Spectrum licensing changes such as ACMA Narrow banding legislation
      • Current functionality no longer meets business operations or staff requirements
      • Age of existing equipment means support is no longer economical
      • Spare parts and repair tools or jigs are no longer available

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  • Project Management
    • AA Radio’s Systems & Projects Team are dedicated to system design and project delivery and are responsible for the design, implementation and project management of many of the current radio systems throughout Australia, all tailor made to suit our customers specific requirements.

      AA Radio maintains process driven project and engineering management regimes to provide predictable outcomes that meet customer requirements and specifications. Our discipline, attention to detail and transparency in which we engage our customers, ensures our projects are delivered on time, on budget and to customers expectations.

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  • Change Management
    • The Systems & Projects Team at AA Radio understands that radio system projects inherently require varying degrees of change management. With over 120 years of radio system design, project implementation and ongoing support services in our management team, we have seen all too often companies delivering projects without managing the impact of change on an organisation.

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  • Microwave
    • Radio systems with multiple nodes and other communication nodes such as PABX, dispatch centres and integrated applications require connectivity.

      In many systems designed today, IP is used as the standard interface allowing a variety of bearer mediums to be employed.

      For non-mission/safety critical systems, a public carrier based bearer such as a dedicated IP link or a mobile phone based (e.g. GPRS) bearer can be used.

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  • AVL
    • AVL has for years been simply known for its GPS location functionality, today’s AVL systems offer so much more benefit than locating your assets on a map. They are an effective tool that will reduce costs, increase revenues through improved productivity, efficiency and customer service & aid compliance with OH&S.

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  • Satellite Communications
    • Coming soon.

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