Craigieburn Rail Project – Case Study

Network Expansion

With the rapid urban growth of Victoria’s capital, Melbourne, there is a demand for improved public transport in the growth corridors. As part of this ongoing improvement of the public transport infrastructure, the State Government recently extended the metropolitan train system from Broadmeadows to Craigieburn in the North of the city.

Under a contract from the Department of Infrastructure, Thiess were employed to extend the electrified rail network and build two new railway stations.

Because of previous successful projects, Thiess approached AA Radio to assist in the project. AA Radio was required to design, supply, install and commission an additional ‘Cell’ on the MPT1327 trunked radio system utilised for the Metropolitan train network. In addition to this, there was also a three site conventional radio voting system for communications with Country train services as they enter the Metropolitan corridor, plus the re-location of other existing radio equipment.

As part of this extensive contract AA Radio supplied a 24-metre self-supporting radio tower at one radio site, with 8-metre radio masts at two other sites, and all of the radio communications equipment. The MPT Cell comprised a 1+2 system, which was configured as an extension of the existing radio system and featured specialised multi-coupling and line signaling equipment interfaced to an optic-fibre network.

At the Craigieburn Signal Control room, signal operators communication was through a Zetron DCS5020 digital switch control system. 26 Signal Post Telephone circuits interfaced to the Zetron Console. As with many railways projects, critical components of the process had to be done outside of train running hours; between the hours of 1.00am and 5.30am. AA Radio technicians were able to complete the installation and work closely with the contractors involved on this major contract.

The project was delivered to the Victorian State Government on time and within budget, thus allowing the suburban trains to commence operations on the new facilities within the projected time frames.

Thiess Project Manager, John Spicuglia, highlighted AA Radio’s approach and methodology toward the project will have Thiess looking forward to the next major project where the two companies can work together again.

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