Critical Comms: Successful P25 interoperability test for Simoco and Omnitronics

Simoco OmniSimoco’s IP enhanced, P25 SB2025NT Simulcast/Voting infrastructure and the Omnitronics RediTALK dispatcher solution via the DRG100 radio gateway were tested remotely over IP from Omnitronics’ headquarters based in Perth in Western Australia.

A series of in-depth tests utilising the integrated fixed station interface with infrastructure based in Scoresby, Victoria, confirmed that both the RediTALK console and infrastructure SB2025NT successfully operated under the requirements of the TIA-102 FSI standard. Various voice calls and control functions were tested.

“We are very pleased to add the Simoco P25 radio to our product compatibility list,” said John Florenca, Omnitronics CEO. “Omnitronics and Simoco have partnered together on a number of projects over the years. This latest collaboration shows our commitment to offer our customers greater choice and flexibility of solutions.”

Simoco P25 Product Manager Glenn Sneddon commented, “We are pleased to have officially completed interoperability testing with Omnitronics, a quality console solutions provider. Now that we have completed these tests, we can offer the Omnitronics dispatcher solution as part of our growing range of Simoco P25 standards-based applications.”

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