DMR Vendors Complete 3 Additional Interoperability Test Sessions

DMR Vendors Complete 3 Additional Interoperability Test Sessions (9/4/12)
The Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Association completed three further successful DMR interoperability test sessions.

Two sessions were for DMR Tier II (conventional operation) and the third session was for Tier III (trunked operation).

The Tier II tests took place between Motorola Solutions and Hytera Communications, and Selex Elsag and EMC. The Tier III session took place between Hytera Communications (infrastructure) and Tait Communications (terminals).

The completion of the tests brings the total number of DMR bilateral test sessions completed to 10 and the number of radio manufacturers that have participated in test sessions to seven. Earlier this year, Tait was awarded the first DMR Tier III interoperability certificate for its infrastructure equipment.

“Announcement of the interoperability tests for both Tier II and Tier III products demonstrates the commitment of the radio industry to DMR as the digital technology of choice for professional users, and the leading role DMR products play in the market place,” said Tom Mockridge, chair of the DMR Association technical working group. “The success of DMR is based on the technology’s strengths of ease of migration from analog, more effective use of spectrum, efficient use of infrastructure compared with FDMA, and the flexible and innovative features available from a two-slot TDMA approach.”

DMR Tier II mandatory features tested were group call, individual call (PATCS), individual call (OACSU), all call and emergency call. DMR Tier II optional features tested were call alert, radio check, remote monitor, emergency alarm and radio enable/disable.

DMR Tier III mandatory features tested were registration, single site talk group voice call service, individual voice call service using OACSU on single frequency pair, individual voice call service on single site using OACSU and FOACSU, control channel hunting, and single site short data message (text).

DMR Tier III optional features tested in the session were multisite talk group voice call service, individual multisite voice call service using OACSU and FOACSU, and multisite short data message (text).

Details of specific products and features tested in the sessions are available at the DMR Association web site

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