DX-Altus Release 4 Coming Soon!






Release 4 of the DX-Altus and Alto will soon be available!

This exciting new release see’s the greatest list of enhancements to this product since it’s introduction.

New Features include:

SIP Phone Integration – Operators can now connect to SIP compatible telephones and link caller ID to contacts. This is in addition to the existing ability to patch radios to analog phones.

Canned Messages – Operators or supervisors can pre-record messages and send them across the radio network, either to individuals or groups. This useful features saves operators significant time in repeating common messages.

Call History – In addition to the existing Rapid Recall recordings queue, operators can access a quick summary of all calls and types through the Call History window. In addition they can call or message contacts or groups directly from this menu.

Direct Dial from Contacts – The contacts menu has been enhanced to enable operators to call or message individuals or groups direct from the contacts window.

Night Mode – Enables operators in low light environments to easily view the Alto screen whilst monitoring outdoor activities. Particularly popular for Maritime applications.

Individual Volume Control – Operators can now set differing foreground and background volume’s for individual channels, enabling them to make high priority channels louder.

Advanced GPS – Integration into Advanced GPS options such as web-hosted and self-hosted services.

This release will be free of charge to all customers who have a current Support Agreement for their DX-Altus system.

Contact AA Radio for more information on the new release for DX-Altus and Alto.

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