Introducing RediTALK Air: A Mobile Dispatch Solution

RediTALK-Air-Email-300x225Omnitronics has announce the release of RediTALK Air, a new tablet-based console that can support both analog and digital radios.

RediTALK Air is built on the same technology as the successful RediTALK IP console but now includes the added dimension of mobility. This allows dispatch operators to be free from their desks or for managers and supervisors to have a simple means of communicating over their radio network.

RediTALK Air can connect to digital radios over IP and is compatible with a range of digital technologies, both Conventional and Trunked, through our gateway infrastructure.

It also includes a range of digital functions such as individual and group calling and text messaging as well as the comprehensive integrated contacts list.


  • Small Digital Radio Networks
  • Mobility in Dispatch Centres
  • Extending Radio Network Access to Managers &┬áSupervisors
  • Supplementary to RediTALK or DX-Altus Networks
  • Redundancy for other consoles


  • Simple Touch Screen Operation
  • Connects to Analog, Digital Conventional or Digital Trunked Networks
  • Talk Group or Channel Change
  • Individual Calls
  • Group Calls
  • Text Messaging
  • Status Messaging
  • Integrated Contacts List
  • Audio Controls
  • Choice of Screen Layouts and Colors

Contact AA Radio to learn more about RediTALK Air.

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