AA Radio was recently appointed Solutions Dealer for Wireless Pacific and is now a distributor of the X10DR® (“Extender”).

The X10DR is revolutionary patented technology that liberates the way you communicate with your two way mobile radio. Finally, you can cut the cord from the vehicle mobile radio and stay in communication up to hundreds of meters from the vehicle.

For many years system designers and radio manu­facturers have grappled with solutions to enhance user mobility through increased portable radio cov­erage particularly when away from the vehicle.

These solutions typically involved significant addi­tions of base station infrastructure; radio sites and complex remote receiver voting systems to back fill marginal coverage areas.

Alternatively, manufacturers developed cumbersome vehicle based repeater systems where local simplex portable transmissions are repeated through a ve­hicle fitted cross-band repeater back into the base station network.

These systems require additional engineering considerations, additional frequencies and the design of complex contention management protocols to eliminate radio communications clash­ing from multiple vehicle repeaters at the scene.

Meeting the challenge of delivering enhanced mo­bility for radio users, Wireless Pacific developed the X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone. The X10DR enables users, for the first time, complete and total freedom to leave the vehicle and stay constantly connected by the vehicle radio to team members and dispatch control rooms.

The X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone maintains a reliable, encrypted link to the mobile radio for up to 300 metres from the fixed vehicle radio.

The X10DR performs like a remote speaker microphone invisibly connected to the mobile providing full Push To Talk transmit, re­ceive and emergency call functionality. The user experiences easy operation and total control of the full powered mobile radio. The X10DR is a revolutionary yet cost effective solution to an age-old problem.


The X10DR lever­ages critical system considerations by design to provide users with full mobile performance in their pocket.

Each X10DR is hard coded to each mobile securely ensuring instant and reliable access at all times.The X10DR has been designed with simplicity in mind, eliminating mode buttons and menus whilst retaining essential push to talk remote microphone functionality.

X10DR’s are designed to attach comfortably to an ep­aulette or lapel ensuring all radio transmissions are received loud and clear whilst absent from the ve­hicle.

For added privacy the X10DR enables discrete 3.5mm earpieces and headsets to be connected via an industry standard Hirose connection. The user remains securely tethered to the radio network while attending out of vehicle incidents.

At any time the X10DR user can PTT and connect instantly to the network delivering vehicle unit ID’s, GPS information and status details. X10DR harnesses the full capability and performance of the network and places it into the pocket of the radio user. X10DR has been designed to fit any professional analog, digital or trunked mobile radio delivering user complete network con­nectivity when away from the vehicle.


The X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone incorporates a range optimised RF de­sign with perfectly matched antennas between the vehicle node and the remote microphone.

Within the X10DR communications protocol high level 64/128 bit digital encryption is embedded within each message ensuring high levels of security for each radio voice transmission.

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