Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Anywhere PTT-over-broadband application

motorbro appMotorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO Anywhere takes two-way radio beyond the traditional push-to-talk functionality by enabling users to communicate with MOTOTRBO users and talkgroups from a smartphone or tablet.

MOTOTRBO Anywhere is built around a smartphone or tablet application, a network server and gateway, and provides the flexibility to go further, react faster and reach more people.A typical scenario would be a supervisor heading home after a shift and needing to continue to monitor operations when outside the MOTOTRBO coverage area.

With MOTOTRBO Anywhere, he or she can still connect over any public mobile phone network.In some situations, workers can’t carry a radio. They may already be carrying a smartphone and don’t want to be burdened with a second device.

MOTOTRBO Anywhere enables plenty of choices across Android or iOS devices, cellular or Wi-Fi, smartphone or tablet. An organisation may need to add new people (eg, visitors, contractors) to a network quickly, when there are no spare radios available. MOTOTRBO Anywhere can give those people immediate or temporary access to a communications system.

MOTOTRBO Anywhere is initially available for Motorola’s MOTOTRBO Connect Plus systems only.

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