New Royal Children’s Hospital – Case Study

Radio System Design & Delivery

Following a requirements specification issued on behalf of the Victorian Government, AA Radio was invited to be involved under the electrical contract with PSG Elecraft as part of the building construction contract for the New Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

AA Radio had previously enjoyed a successful working relationship with PSG Elecraft on the Royal Women’s Hospital project.

The system was to replace the existing two-channel UHF radio communications system operating within the old hospital.

The specification was issued in 2007, and at that early stage AA Radio Services could foresee that for a facility that would have all of the most modern and efficient health systems, it was important that the radio communications system should also be state of the art and provide the Hospital with a communications platform suitable for the decades to come.

AA Radio designed a digital trunked radio system that would meet the needs as outlined in the project specification, but would also give the additional flexibility into the future. Working through the customer operational and business requirements for their radio system, AA Radio designed and delivered a three-channel Kenwood NexEdge trunked radio system. The new radio system offers multiple talk groups and exceptional functionality to create extremely efficient radio communications, meeting the existing and future requirements of the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Utilising a distributed antenna system, the radio coverage includes all of the hospital building on every level and the immediate surrounds, including the adjacent areas of Royal Park. The AA Radio Systems & Projects Team commended the design of the new hospital facility.

Constructed within parkland and close to the Melbourne Zoo, a special viewing area was constructed in the hospital grounds to allow animals such as the elephants to traverse the short distance to the hospital to give sick children an additional experience while at the hospital. There are also marine displays within the hospital and a ‘Meerkat house’ where some of these lovable African creatures will be available to amuse the children and their parents.

The new hospital has the very latest in medical technology, including MRI units that are mounted on tracks so they can be moved into any of the eight specialist operating theatres, thus allowing surgeons to monitor the progress of complex operations while the patient is still on the operating table, something not possible in many hospitals today.

Coupled with the latest in medical technology, the Kenwood NexEdge radio system is also state of the art and offers many more features than a conventional radio system. The configuration of the radios means that communications can be on a one-to-one basis, one-to-workgroup, workgroup to workgroup or one-to-all radios, in addition, there is an emergency function that will immediately terminate all radio communications and force all radios into one common working group as required.

Coverage and reliability were the two most important criteria outlined in the project specification and the combination of system design and the Kenwood products addressed these areas proficiently. In addition, the extra features of digital trunked radio operation means that the facilities of the new radio system are in excess of the original scope of work. This was gained from the foresight of the AA Radio Systems & Projects Team and their ability to recognise how technological advances serve long term benefit.

AA Radio is proud to deliver a tailor made radio system solution that aids staff at the Royal Children’s Hospital in their vital role of caring for sick children.

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