New Tait Tough Terminals added to DMR Tier 2 product family

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Proudly made in New Zealand, the Tait 9300 product family has grown to include an entry-level mobile and portable radio, providing value-for-money features in a Tait Tough package. The TP9310 and TM9315 standard packages are dual mode, able to operate on both Conventional Analog and DMR Tier 2 Conventional networks in addition to simplex calls.

Built on the Tait Tough mission critical TP9300 platform, the TP9310 portable radio delivers:

TP9300_1* 16 channels

* IP67 dust/waterproof

* Integrated GPS software option

* Built-in mandown & lone worker features

* Encryption options available


Built on the Tait Tough mission critical TM9355 platform, the TM9315 mobile radio delivers:




* 100 channels

* IP54 rating for performance in demanding environments

* High quality audio with built-in speaker

* GPS capability (when GPS antenna is connected)

* Encryption options available

* Specifications Downloads:

Tait TP9310

Tait TM9315

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