New Unique Accessories / Options for X10DR

X10DR-Product_RGB_300dpiThrough nearly 18 month of field operation and thousands of units in the field with significant user feedback extra enhancements have been added to improve the ease of use and overall experience of the X10DR microphones. These are now standard in all 2013 deliveries.

Talk Permit Tone – Now User Selectable for Headset

X10DR has adopted the industry standard in providing talk permit tones so users know when to start speaking and not miss any syllables (as most professional digital radios now provide).  We have  introduced this feature as we found some radio talk permit tone durations ( P25,DMR and Tetra particularly) can vary and be extremely short that users missed them all or partially. If, the channel is busy (or no channel grant), the user will hear X10DR talk permit tones followed immediately by the radio BUSY or Out of Range tone. The user will know with clear confidence when the channel is available, busy or out of range. This is a standard “factory set” feature for all  models.

Lights out Covert operation

We have introduced a User mode to de-activate the X10DR Secure Mics LED on the front. This is achieved by holding down the volume up/down ( both) while powering up the unit.  To turn LED back  on simply power down and power back up.  The input was sometimes “Law Enforcement Users” did not want to be walking around at night with a blue light glowing on their shoulder. This will become a standard “user” feature for all future factory shipped models.

Charging Confirmation Tone

The X10DR will now alert with a discrete tone to the user when the X10DR is returned to the cradle for charging.
This discrete chirp ensures the user has a positive indication that the X10DR is charging and seated correctly in the

Accessory Mic Boost

Users can increase an audio accessory’s Mic gain on X10DR models fitted with a Hirose accessory port. To activate
the higher sensitivity, the X10DR’s VOLUME UP button (right side) should be held down while powering up.
The user will thereafter hear 2 short confirmation beeps at the end of each start up tone sequence. To revert to
standard operation, the unit should be powered up with the VOLUME DOWN (left side) button held down.
NOTE: this does NOT effect the sensitivity of the X10DR’s normal front cover microphone. This is a standard feature
for all factory shipped models.

X10DR Microphones are now operating in most states of Australia within Public Safety, Utility and Commercial systems and now deployed in USA, Canada, Sth America, NZ, and Norway operating on Wide Area P25, DMR, TRBO, dPMR, Tetra, MPT and Conventional systems.

* New features coming include – One mic switches between two mobiles for dual fit vehicles – metro & rural

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