Omnitronics DX-Altus radio management system

The DX-Altus radio management system and the GUI, Alto, will be on display at RadioComms Connect.

The vendor-independent system is compatible with a range of different protocols that can work together on the one network, giving organisations flexibility. Phased upgrades from analog to digital are also possible.

Digital functionality is also included with features such as group calling, individual calling, text messaging and user ID. Administrators can choose which functions they wish to include on the system and what operators can and can’t see, reducing information overload. Additionally, contact lists are integrated throughout all the functions, minimising clicks. The system operates on a Windows 7 platform and has been designed for upwards compatibility on any future releases.

Administration and configuration is said to be simple, with the inclusion of a browser-based, remote configuration tool. Administrators can access this tool from any location to monitor the network and/or make any changes.

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