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Pacific Metal Group (PMG) is one the largest collectors, processors and suppliers of recycled metal products in Australia.

PMG’s processing capacity includes balers, shears, car compaction units & various recycling plant and operates to the highest environmental and quality standards to produce products that are recognised and sought after throughout Australia.

In 2012, PMG’s Head Office relocated to a 20,000m2 facility in Laverton North, Victoria. The new facility covers and includes balers, shears, scrap handling excavators & public weighbridge facilities.

Mobile phone communication throughout the facility and across Melbourne to the PMG fleet of trucks was not meeting the requirements of PMG. The high noise recycling plant and heavy industrial environment required a robust radio system that could provide immediate and reliable communications throughout the facility and across Melbourne.

AA Radio delivered a Mototrbo solution consisting of DP2400’s, DP4400’s and wide-area coverage from the AA Radio Mototrbo site in Melbourne’s CBD.


The system consists of in-vehicle radios, handheld radios and a mini base radio on a private channel for group communications. The system offers flexibility to extend coverage by installing a repeater if required. The radios can also be programmed with selected UHF CB channels for communications to contractors and incoming drivers.

Whilst not a highly complex system, it offers what our client was lacking through reliance on the mobile telephone network. The system offers an instant, reliable communication across Melbourne and the PMG facility and provides all radio users with an enhanced level of safety.

AA Radio’s existing infrastructure in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD provided PMG with an immediate solution for their wide-area coverage requirements.

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