Royal Womens Hospital – Case Study

Radio System Design & Delivery.

One of Melbourne’s oldest hospitals, the Royal Women’s Hospital was relocated to a new campus adjacent to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. As part of this project a new purpose-built facility was erected with eight levels above ground and five levels below ground for car parking and building services.

Elecraft, prime electrical contractor for the project, approached AA Radio Services to design and supply the two-way radio system for the complex. Complete radio coverage of the building from a highly reliable radio system was a necessity.

AA Radio worked closely with the customer to understand their operations and business requirements and conducted extensive coverage tests as a part of the initial system design process.

The system design comprised two repeater stations with full stand-by power back-up and a multi-coupling system to allow both repeaters to operate into the internal antenna system within the building.

Once AA Radio had understood the customer’s operational and business requirements and designed the conceptual system, it was time to identify the equipment and engage the manufacturers.

AA Radio’s vendor independence allows freedom of choice and retention of focus on the customer requirement as the primary objective.

Following careful analysis, Tait repeaters were chosen for their reliability and the radio terminals chosen were Icom for their functionality. Both products proving fit for purpose in their respective roles in the system.

Towards the completion of the project, Elecraft highlighted the fact that their own internal radio system was struggling to give sufficient coverage for their building commissioning works.

AA Radio re-configured their radios to operate on the new system and as a result, Elecraft then experienced total building coverage and were able to fully commission the electrical systems without any problems.

When the time came for final acceptance of the radio system by the building tenants, Elecraft knew the system provided more than what was specified, as they had been utilising the system under actual working conditions.

Throughout the commissioning of several weeks, Elecraft had not found a single area of weak communications within the entire project environs.

This system was another practical example of the ability of AA Radio Services to design, supply, install and commission radio systems to meet and exceed the client’s needs.

AA Radio believes in focusing on the customer requirement as the primary objective.

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