Simoco IP Voice Recorder software application




The Simoco IP Voice Recorder is a powerful software application which enables the recording and playback of all Simoco Xd voice calls from a standard-specification PC.

The voice recorder provides a user-defined means of recording, archiving and retrieving recordings. Recordings can be filtered by date, time and called or calling party. The ability to locate essential information quickly and conveniently means that retrieval is easy and fast, saving time and resources.

Each voice recorder server supports up to 100 channels. Simoco Xd IP flexibility enables additional servers to be added anywhere in the network. Each server acts as a component of a single distributed network system.

Distributed architecture enables high resilience and easy expansion.

Features include: automatic archiving; parameter-based report filtering; PC-based runs on Win 7; scalable storage capability; automatic archiving with email status reporting; IP connection to Simoco Xd system; analog, DMR Tier II and Tier III operation.

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