Simoco launches full duplex calling for DMR

Simoco_logoSimoco has announced an upgrade of its DMR offering that includes the capability for full duplex calling on its range of DMR portables.

The release also includes new features and functionality that will enhance roaming on Simoco’s Xtend network and enable SELCALL operation for Simoco Xd SDP600 and SDM600 terminals.

“We invest in research and engineering so that we can bring useful, effective and up-to-date features to the end users of our systems,” said Simoco Head of Product Strategy Andy Grimmett.

“We’ve already seen high demand for our full duplex functionality, which makes communications between radio and telephone users much easier.

“This is an industry first with our portable radios being the only ones currently available to the market with full duplex capability.”

Full duplex telephony was available ahead of the full launch, featuring in recent installations such as Bahrain Airport’s new Tier III DMR system which went live last month.

“This release demonstrates an end-to-end upgrade of the Simoco Xd system and brings additional end-user features as well as system-based enhancements,” said Grimmett.

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