St. John Ambulance in Australia Deploys Simoco UHF P25 Network

St JohnsSt. John Ambulance in Australia, the country’s largest provider of first aid services, training and equipment, is replacing its aging UHF portable and mobile radios with a customized Project 25 (P25) solution from Simoco Group.

More than 200 P25 ready portables and mobile radios have already been installed, with more than 500 to be replaced as a result of the Australia Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 400 MHz band review. The radios are a critical part of the St. John National Communications (Natcomms) plan, a nationwide interoperable communications framework that supports volunteer first aid and health services at local events, mass gatherings and during emergencies.

The St. John Natcomms Plan, as established in 2008, includes a standard national RF frequency allocation, call-sign structure and call-taking and dispatch system. The new Simoco P25 portables, designed specifically to address St. John Ambulance requirements, feature customized St. John Ambulance branding, custom asset engraving and a continuous rotating nob for simplified channel selection. Importantly, the TU frequency band (400 – 480 MHz) in both portable and mobile radios covers the full range of St. John Natcomms UHF channels. More than 10,000 St John volunteer first aiders, nurses, paramedics and doctors across Australia will benefit from the terminals.

“After field trialing Simoco’s portable radios, it was evident the technology would be the most suitable replacement for our redundant UHF portable radios,” said Peter Mill, a senior St. John volunteer and network architect for Natcomms. “Simoco successfully met our technical specification and operating requirements including frequency range, channel capacity and provision of a fully rotating channel switch, plus custom artwork and engraving. Now fully operational, we are confident that our thousands of volunteers are well equipped to deliver a first-class first aid service.”

Active for more than 130 years, St John Ambulance is a self-funding, charitable organization active in all states and territories. The Simoco radios run on the St. John networks in each state, with the capability to operate on government radio networks (GRN), which operate through interlinked sites for government and public services such as police, ambulance and fire and enable statewide trunked radio communications.

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