TarraWarra Estate Upgrades to IDAS

Since the first vintage more than 20 years ago, TarraWarra Estate has established itself as one of Australia’s great wine estates.

Located in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, TarraWarra Estate covers an area of approximately 400 hectares, of which their grape vines and extensive gardens cover much of the property.

The estate was experiencing insufficient coverage from it’s existing UHF system and growing concern regarding potential OH&S issues due to the lack of complete coverage. Stuart Sissins, the Vineyard Manager approached AA Radio Services to design and deliver a two-way radio system that would provide reliable communications across the entire estate.

AA Radio’s solution was an Icom IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System) two-way radio system.

The ability for IDAS to receive in both analogue and digital mode allowed for a smooth migration from the existing analogue system. When a call is initiated from an analogue radio, the digital units will receive the call (whether they be in digital or analogue mode) and transmit back in analogue without any intervention from the user. The new IDAS system greatly enhanced audio clarity and provided additional benefits such as visual identity of incoming calls and an emergency alert feature to improve staff safety.

AA Radio technicians installed the IDAS system, which included the repeater system installation, mobile radio installations, staff training and project managing the analogue
to digital migration.

Stuart Sissins, TarraWarra Vineyard Manager commented, “The installation of the Icom IDAS digital radio system has met all our expectations. With this system installed we now have coverage over the entire property, which was not possible with our standard UHF system. OH&S obligations have been met with regards to staff working alone/remote from others and having a private channel has allowed us to use this system as
you would mobile phones, with no interference from others.”

Adam Watson of AA Radio complimented Icom’s IDAS equipment, “The digital IDAS equipment offers superb audio clarity, excellent communication range, and being true
narrowband digital, it allows a more efficient use of radio spectrum.”

AA Radio delivers turnkey radio communications solutions tailored to suite our customers business and operational requirements. Our diverse range of capabilities enables us to deploy appropriate resources to work closely with each of our customers on the design and delivery of the solution to best suit their needs.

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