The DX-Altus (and GUI, Alto) launched across Australia

The DX-Altus and it’s GUI, Alto, have been launched across Australia in a series of events. The system received a resounding reception with many commenting on Alto’s clean & user-friendly appearance and the flexibility provided by DX-Altus’ ability to connect to multiple radio protocols.

Alto is a user-friendly, customisable dispatch console that provides a range of features:

Customisation: Administrators can choose which functions they wish to include on the system and what operators can and can’t see, right down to the button size and colour.

Enhanced Touch Screen Functionality including one-touch controls and on-screen graphical configuration of window positions and sizes

Controls functions now made possible with digital radio protocols such as text messaging, individual calling and emergency management

Reduced information load on the user via contact lists and filtering

Integrated Contact Lists within Channel Functions

Ability to connect to a number of digital and analog protocols through the DX-Altus digital radio management system

Touchscreen or Keyboard Operation

Compatible with Windows 7

 Click here to view video highlighting key features of Alto

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