Yallourn W Power Station – Case Study

AA Radio delivers improved efficiency and performance.

With most power stations, in particular coal-fired power stations, the water-cooling systems are critical to the overall efficient operation of the power generators.

AA Radio Services were approached to provide a solution to part of the water monitoring system at the Yallourn W Power Station. When the water-cooling system is undergoing cleaning or maintenance, the power generation unit has to be closed down; this is a lengthy process and results in lost revenue for the generation company.

Veolia Water, through Acacia Engineering, were investigating ways to ‘condition’ the cooling water used in the system to reduce the amount of corrosion within the pipes and other components therefore prolonging the period between regular maintenance shut-downs. Part of the problem encountered was that the surrounds of the cooling towers and power station were large expanses of concrete and running cables to each location would have been a very expensive option.

AA Radio Services designed a system utilising RF Innovations radio modems, together with the RF Innovations MSIO Scada units to monitor the required functions and control the chemical additives. The system was configured to operate on 900 MHz frequencies and this allowed operation within the high electrical fields in the generation area and amongst the water-cooling towers.

The system was configured and integrated with the standard Scada applications package preferred by the client. Radio coverage was excellent and it meant that the water-cooling system was now monitored and treated on a real-time basis, thus extending the life of the cooling system dramatically and so making the generation process more efficient and profitable.

This is an example of how AA Radio Services can use radio systems to improve efficiency and performance. By understanding our customer’s operational and business requirements, AA Radio designs and delivers tailor made, costs effective solutions.

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