The DAMM TetraFlex® Infrastructure system provides fast and resilient feature-rich digitalTETRA radio communications. The system comes complete with indoor or outdoor base stations as well as integrated software functions and can easily expand as your requirements change.

Single and multi site system

Whether you need a single-site or multi-site system, TetraFlex® provides plug and play simplicity for easy setup and fast deployment.

When planning your network, you never need to worry about future capacity and coverage.

With TetraFlex® you can scale your network at any time or upgrade your system to provide more capacity to meet increased communication demands.

100% IP connectivity

TetraFlex® is 100% based on IP technology and connects all network components including indoor and outdoor base stations, dispatchers, network management facilities and external gateways in one state-of-the-art intelligent distributed architecture. No central switch is needed. And together with the intelligent TetraFlex® software, it enables simple and self-configuring site expansion - even while TetraFlex® is in operation.

TetraFlex® embedded software

TetraFlex® is the most user friendly TETRA infrastructure on the market, and comes with a long range of embedded software products with unique intuitive graphical interfaces.

The TetraFlex® Outdoor System is the most user-friendly, flexible and cost-effectiveTETRA infrastructure system available. With its high reliability and unique design it is the ideal solution for mission critical communications, even in the harshest environments.

Full network flexibility

The TetraFlex® system is scalable and can handle from small single site solutions with local coverage to large-scale multisite solutions, using any combination of outdoor or indoor TetraFlex® base stations.

Together with the intelligent TetraFlex® software, simple and smooth site expansion is possible, even while in operation.100% IP- based technology provides full architectural network flexibility with all network components connected in a single state-of- the-art infrastructure without the need of a central switch.

Easy to install - anywhere

Plug and play simplicity enables easy setup and fast deployment.

With its IP65 protection the TetraFlex® Outdoor Base Station is ideal for installation in harsh environments.

A compact design enables direct mounting on antenna masts, buildings and towers.

The compact design reduces feeder loss and installation costs considerably, whilst also providing an ideal solution for rapid, vehicle-based deployment.

Secure and failure tolerant

Featuring full support for battery backup as well as redundant controllers and carriers,

TetraFlex® meets your highest requirements on reliability. The intelligent distributed architecture replicates information to all sites in the network, avoiding any single point of failure.

Unlimited application integration

TetraFlex® is supplied with Application Gateways for easy access to the Application Programming Interface (API), Packet Data Gateways and Voice Gateways, allowing you straight forward development of customer-designed applications or integration to existing telephone systems and control room equipment.

As an independent TETRA infrastructure provider DAMM has developed TetraFlex® for full compatibility with all TETRA terminals, providing you with the option freely to choose your favourite terminal brand.

Wide range of advanced software tools

The TetraFlex® system is available with a wide range of software such as Voice and Data Management, Dispatcher and a comprehensive Network Management tool including subscriber management and network performance statistics.

The high capacity TetraFlex® Indoor System is the most user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective TETRA infrastructure system available. With its high reliability and unique design it is the ideal solution for mission critical communications.

High Capacity

High Efficiency The TetraFlex® Indoor Base Stations can be configured with up to 16 TETRA carriers giving in total 64 time slots with access to all functions and terminals from the front.

Excellent receiver sensitivity is achieved with the Tower Mounted Amplifier/Duplexer by eliminating receiver cable loss. Used as TMD it further gives the possibility to operate with dual diversity, using only two antennas.

The TetraFlex® Indoor Base Stations are characterised by extremely low power consumption.

TetraFlex® Network Management

TheTetraFlex® Network Management (NM) provides a user friendly and highly flexible tool for management, supervision and optimisation of the TetraFlex® Network.

The unique graphical NM system gives you easy access to configuration and surveillance of the entire network.

With direct connection to the subscriber register all profiles, subscribers, dispatchers, gateways etc. is maintained directly from the NM.

A comprehensive network performance logging facility is directly accessed from the NM to review statistical data for system optimisation. Once activated, it will automatically start recording the status of all nodes in the network, such as for traffic load and timeslot distribution without any further configurationally steps.

The NM can be executed at any location with access to the TetraFlex® IP backbone, either on a separate Windows PC or via remote desktop to any of the BSC's.

The TetraFlex® Dispatcher provides features for increased efficiency in organizations managing a fleet of subscribers with the needs of command, control and monitoring of radio communications.

With simplicity as the key for all products developed by DAMM, the TetraFlex® Dispatcher is exclusively tailored to the TetraFlex® Infrastructure system allowing you to be instantly up running with dispatcher functionalities.

With the TetraFlex® Dispatcher the operator can set-up and monitor any individual-, group- and broadcast calls and perform discrete and ambience listening. The TetraFlex® Dispatcher is able to handle the entire fleet of subscribers and monitor up to 32 voice streams at the same time with simultaneous voice and data messages.

Dispatcher functionalities are easily accessed through the multi lingual user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface, without needs of extensive training programs for operator.

The TetraFlex® Dispatcher offers GPS-based tracking of subscribers on maps providing the operator an easy overview of his fleet. Further the GPS function displays speed and direction of the GPS subscriber and provides GPS positioning history.

To ensure the constant reliability and control of critical communications, the TetraFlex® Dispatcher offers instant voice call status and history, instant display of infrastructure node alarms as well as DGNA history of individual subscribers and groups.

The TetraFlex® Dispatcher is installed directly on a separate PC and one or several dispatchers can operate from any convenient location connected to the TetraFlex® Infrastructure via the IP backbone.

Developed exclusively for the TetraFlex® Network the TetraFlex® Voice and Data Management instantly provides comprehensive and accurate voice- and data recording facilities, as well as a wide range of logging facilities for Call Data Records (CDR). The TetraFlex® Voice and Data Management consists of two parts: the TetraFlex® Log Server for recording and storage of voice, data and CDR, and the TetraFlex® Log Client for retrievement and re-play of voice and data.

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