Icom has a strong reputation for providing communications products of unsurpassed quality and reliability, all Icom radios are manufactured exclusively in Japan, adhering to ISO9001/ISO9002 and ISO14001 quality procedures.

The broad range of products manufactured by Icom includes: commercial land-mobile (digital and analogue), marine (communication and navigation), air-band, UHF CB, as well as amateur and receiver units.

With extensive research and development facilities, Icom has also positioned itself as a highly innovative company, with products such as the world’s first floating marine hand-held, digital technology in land-mobile and amateur radio, not to mention intuitive speaker-mic UHFCB units designed to fit within the confines of today’s 4WD vehicles, where space is constricted.

All new Icom radios purchased from AA Radio are covered by a minimum two (2) year warranty, with selected units covered by either a three (3) or five (5) year warranty.

Air Band

Icom is the leading manufacturer of Airband radio communication products. The airband radios offered by Icom are suitable in a number of situations, from pilot use to ground crew applications.

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio has played a vital role in building local and international friendships, and provides an enjoyable training ground for the communication technology innovators of tomorrow. When it comes to advancing amateur radio technology, Icom leads the way with over 40 years experience in the industry. With new amateur radio advancements such as DSTAR, the digital format that provides clear voice and internet gateway possibilities.

Land Mobile

The range of Icom land mobile radio products are designed for government, industry and business use. Icom’s line-up of commercial two-way radio units cover many different applications, and are versatile enough to offer a complete communications solution. The land mobile radio products offered by Icom are also keeping with current trends in the industry, which include innovations such as digital technology(IDAS), secure encryption and trunking capabilities. The digital IDAS equipment offers superb audio clarity, excellent communication range, and being true narrowband digital, it allows a more efficient use of radio spectrum. No matter if you are looking for a simple land mobile solution or a complex digital system, you can rely on the range of Icom two-way land mobile products.


A marine radio is one of the most important safety tools on board any vessel. Icom’s range of VHF and HF marine transceivers offer innovations such as buoyancy, submersible construction, tough military design and AIS receive capabilities. Technical superiority and quality workmanship are the renowned Icom marine radio hallmarks that make boating enthusiasts look no further.


Icom has been building radio receivers for a variety of applications for many years, enabling professionals and Amateur enthusiasts to monitor an increasing number of broadcasts. Icom's receiver / scanner range includes models that connect to your home PC, desktop or base-station receivers and handheld scanners that are small, portable and great for tuning in...Wherever you are.


The Australian wilderness presents a vast array of conditions for the avid adventurer. One of the most important safety tools in these situations is a reliable radio communications unit. The Icom range of UHF CB equipment is based on tough military specifications, and offers some of the most advanced features in communications today. Icom’s IC-400PRO and IC-41S UHF CB units are also fully compatible with the new changes to the UHF CB network, which has increased from 40 to 80 channels. Icom UHF CB – built tough like the Australian landscape.


Icom offers a large range of high quality accessories for each radio we produce. Each accessory is made to Icom’s exacting quality standards and is covered by a 1-year warranty.


The range of Icom networking radio products is designed for government, industry and business use. Icom’s innovative IP Advanced Radio System is designed to work through an existing wireless LAN and IP networks, making installation and configuration a very simple and low cost process.

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