Pinpoint Communications

Pinpoint Communications’ Cutting-Edge Vehicle Management Products & Services

Pinpoints Advanced Vehicle Management solutions are designed to help your business reduce operating costs and increase revenues, through improved productivity, efficiency and customer service.

Ideal for Freight and Logistics Companies, Field Service Operations and Asset Security and Management, the Pinpoint Advanced Vehicle Management solution provides:

  • Real-time visibility of vehicle locations for effective dispatching
  • Monitoring of vehicle systems, such as engine hours, battery levels and more
  • Real time alerts for service schedules or exception parameters
  • Analysis of historical data for driver behavior, routes, customer site visits, productive vehicle usage and more
  • Two-way messaging between office and vehicle at a fraction of the cost of Mobile or SMS system
  • Job dispatch direct to your vehicles and staff

  • Monitoring of vehicle systems, such as temperature alerting for refrigerated vehicles
  • Complete real-time tracking of mobile assets
  • Ability to recover stolen or otherwise missing assets quickly by locating GPS position
  • Application Integration, providing information to your in house application

The Pinpoint AVM solution is a comprehensive, cutting-edge vehicle management system that has been fully developed and manufactured in Australia.

The Web AVM is an internet based application that gives you visibility of your fleet from any point that you have web access (24 hours a day 7 days a week). The Web AVM is integrated with the latest maps giving you the ability to zoom in on the precise location of your vehicle. A comprehensive suite of reports allows you to analyze the productivity of your mobile assets.

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