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C4i has over 20 years of creating customised interoperable communications solutions for a wide variety of industries, including: defense, public safety, utilities, transport and oil & gas markets.

Using the tried and tested software, SwitchplusIP®, in combination with product building blocks and RoIP technology, C4i combine existing disparate systems within an organisation into a unified, intuitive System of Systems.

RoIP stands for Radio over Internet Protocol – which has a dramatically different meaning to simply 'over the internet'. RoIP entails converting a multitude of complex radio protocols into a single standard protocol, therefore facilitating ease of interoperability and channel compatibility.

C4i provides secure solutions by using NSA Type I encryption products, which run over public networks or protected private networks.

With a specially-created SwitchplusIP® system, an organisation has the ability to effectively streamline their communication efforts and standard operating procedures (SOP). The integrated communication assets may then be accessed by a simple, HMI-designed touch screen interface; located in a control room, vehicle or backpack – depending on the need and environment of each client.

SwitchplusIP® Command Center

Command and control where and when you need it

C4i's SwitchplusIP® Command-Center provides operators with a fully featured dispatch command and control system that can be expanded from the smallest single site system to the largest multi-site inter-agency and national system.

In addition to providing the leading feature set in the market place for dispatchers, Command-Center also integrates a range of typically disparate systems, including: telephony, facility control, alarm monitoring, public address, CCTV and voice and data recording. Coupled with intuitive interactive operational procedures the system assists the operator to respond to any type of situation under even the most demanding situations.

SwitchplusIP® Command Center LT

Compact and modular – for rapid deployment

C4i’s SwitchplusIP® Command-Center LT is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use mobile IP-based Intercommunications System (ICS). Suitable for permanent in-vehicle structures or for resources deployed on demand, it provides on-scene mobile operators with rapid access to vital tactical communications assets.

In an extremely small, space-saving package the Command-Center LT gives local incident managers the ability to coordinate numerous agencies via a single touchscreen. Integrating radios taken to the scene with those stationed at the base, everyone is continually updated throughout the incident from start to finish.

SwitchplusIP® Command Post

Simplifying department coordination

Command-Center provides all the functionality required by a single or joint forces national operations C4i centre to communicate with distributed and deployed assets via easy to use, intuitive touchscreen operator consoles. Command-Centre provides operators with a superset of functionality already provided by both the command-post and mobile-dismount systems and is suitable for distributed multisite, state-wide national defense or emergency services operations centers.

SwitchplusIP® Mobile-Dismount

Simplifying mobile radio communications

A sophisticated but simple to use mobile IP based Intercommunications System (ICS). SwitchplusIP® Mobile-Dismount is suitable for in-vehicle or dismount based applications. It provides deployed mobile operators with flexible, rapid and interoperable access to vital tactical communications assets in an extremely small package. The Mobile-Dismount System provides the local incident manager with a powerful feature set to assist with cross-agency management via clear digital communications.

SwitchplusIP® Alarmon®

C4i’s SwitchplusIP® Alarmon® provides operators with an advanced, integrated emergency response coordination system, designed specifically for use within rescue and fire fighting control rooms. The system creates a simplified, unified output of the complex actions and activities being performed behind the scenes.

Alarmon® integrates communications (radio and telephony), combines comprehensive alarm monitoring, resource management (personnel and vehicles), facility control, and incident management into a single touch screen interface.

SwitchplusIP® Alarmon® provides operators with access to staff and other personnel they require through a single touch screen, regardless of the device used. C4i’s technology-independent solution has the potential to increase productivity and safety in any airport, making sure you keep up with industry standards.

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