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Selex Communications

Nearly 850 people work in SELEX Communications’ Research & Development unit. Its aim is creating state-of-the-art technologies in the field of secure professional, civil and military communications. Abilities developed over the past 100 years, and in collaboration agreements with universities and key ICT market players, have made it possible for Selex to produce a wide range of turnkey products, systems and solutions.

These can be integrated and interoperate, and support land, satellite, naval, avionics, professional and civil applications.   

Innovation and research are one of Finmeccanica’s areas of excellence. At corporate level, Finmeccanica launched an intellectual areas property governance programmeme to streamline the innovation process in the whole Group. SELEX Communications actively participates in numerous initiatives and utilises this skill set to offer a considerable number of new-patented products.

Technology and Innovation

Military & Space

SELEX Communications provides fully integrated military communications for strategic and tactical, naval, satellite applications. The company is a world leader in the development and supply of secure networks and security infrastructures for the military, government and enterprise markets, as well as private mobile networks for military, police and civil applications.

Land Communications Systems

SELEX Communications state of the art solutions are particularly suitable to satisfy the requirement of communications in hostile environments, such as, peacekeeping, emergencies, armed conflicts and other similar situations where secure and reliable communications are essential to ensure success during operations. SELEX Communications systems and networks are fully integrated and fully interoperable with the new network centric warfare architectures.

They are characterized by:

The ability to integrate and transmit voice, data and imaging into a single network, thereby maximizing its use

Widespread application of equipment and software for communications and information systems security

Ability to withstand hostile conditions, such as difficult environmental conditions and also electromagnetic disturbance (either jamming or noise)

Flexibility - in the event of overloading, failure or partial destruction of the communication system

or network, sophisticated routing mechanisms reconfigure the network and re-route communications to ensure their survival


rability with other communications equipment, systems and networks by virtue of their compliance with international military standards.

Ground Systems and network infrastructures

SELEX Communications ground systems and network infrastructures are designed for network implementation at regional and national levels, providing voice, data and video services to support:

Strategic armed forces headquarters communications

Internal security forces and police communications

Air defence / air traffic control systems

Border control / surveillance systems

Ground Satellite systems

These systems are based on switching centres operating as either transit or access nodes connected by wide band multi-channel links on optical or radio links.

Naval Communications Systems

SELEX Communications has supplied naval communications solutions to Italian Navy and Royal Navy ships since 1896 and is today a leading global supplier of modern fully integrated communications systems suitable for a wide variety of Naval platforms. SELEX Communications brings a unique blend of naval system solutions and products to its Navy customers:

An in-depth understanding of naval user requirements built on experience forged over 100 years

Access to the new Internet technologies and the system expertise to enable the digitization of the Maritime Battlespace giving the user a modern network enabled capability

A modern product portfolio embracing world-class technology for demanding naval users

On board and ashore Maritime Network to support joint and coalitions forces

Full compliance with military and civil communications standards

Open IP secure network providing high speed and granted QoS

Ideal communication platform to support emerging requirements and services

Military & Space

Avionics CNI

SELEX Communications offers a very flexible and extended capability in products and system integration gained in more than 40 years collaboration with the major aircraft manufacturers.

Thanks to a significant knowledge in avionics products and operational requirements, the Company successfully delivers products (Communication, Navigation, Identification) and fully integrated CNI Systems.

The use of powerful and flexible computer architectures and state of the art Software development allows SELEX Communications to cope with the most stringent military requirements.


The product range covers all those operative frequencies that enable a military aircraft to perform short and long distance communications (HF- V/UHF) with armed forces on the ground as well as ships and other aircraft. The communications catalogue also includes Data Link?s, as Link 16 that allow data transmission among the units on the battlefield.

These communications system assure interoperability in a high level digitalized battlefield with NATO forces, military helicopters, maritime strike/attack aircraft, AEW/AWACS, other MPA, friendly land forces, and NATO Maritime Headquarters, also during Peace Keeping operation.


Selex designs, develops and manufactures in-flight navigation systems that allow the exact position of an aircraft to be determined, both by means of external radio signals coming from land stations or satellites (VOR/DME, GPS, TACAN), and/or autonomously through Doppler speed sensors installed on planes (in particular, helicopters and other low speed aircraft), aswell as Landing Systems.

The landing systems use Radio (ILS), Microwave (MLS) and Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS), a function that allows aircraft to land with the aid of satellites. The Obstacle Warning system - LOAM is a navigational aid system based on laser technology for airborne applications, specifically designed to detect potentially dangerous obstacles like wires and poles, placed in or nearby the flight path and to warn the crew in sufficient time to implement effective avoidance manoeuvres."


SELEX Communications provides a range of identification equipment and systems, called IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), which satisfies the most recent NATO and civil aviation standards, like Mode 5 and Mode S.

The Company also designs and produces other avionics systems such as Laser Warning receivers, Crash recorders, and Store Management Systems.

SELEX Communications is also very active in Display and Control Panels through the subsidiary Sirio Panel specialized in this field.

Today SELEX Communications avionics fly on some of the most advanced aircraft worldwide, from AWACS and C-27J/C-130J to Eurofighter and JSF, from Agusta Bell Helicopters to NH-90 and EH 101.

Avionics CNI

Professional Communications

SELEX Communications develops and supplies secure, integrated and interoperable turnkey communication solutions for voice and data transmission that combine different enabling technologies including TETRA and DMR open digital radio standards and the latest generation of wireless broadband radio to provide multi-technology network solutions that guarantee transparent user connectivity in all circumstances to support efficient operations of Public Safety and Emergency Medical Services, Civil Protection Agencies and Homeland Security applications.

SELEX Communications boasts a long experience in development of mobile voice and data GSM-R communication solutions for the management and control of Railway and Mass Transit traffic and over 35 years of know-how in the supply and delivery of ground-to-air Air Traffic Control communication systems and equipment complying with the ICAO standard for airports, tower and air control centres and with the new VHF Data Link (VDL) standards.

As a response to the growing demands from Oil, Gas, Utilities and Transportation companies SELEX Communications has developed a complete line of professional mobile radio solutions and applications, tailored to meet industry-specific needs and to increase operations’ efficiency, security, quality and timeliness. 

The company’s solutions are engineered to be reliable, flexible and robust and to interface with other networks, systems and tools. 

Professional Communications 

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