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Simoco two-way radio products are some of the worlds leading professional two-way radios. Used in over 50 coutries, the Simoco radio communications portfolio offers reliablity and quality performance. 

SRM9000 Mobile Radios

The SRM9000 mobile radio provides leading edge radio communications. This radio has evolved to address the needs of diverse markets from simple voice through to advanced system applications.

The functionality and flexibility provided by the unique Xmode platform ensures it will meet your current and future needs. Obsolescence is a thing of the past with the SRM9000, as accessing advanced functionality is as simple as a software setting.

Full Xmode capability including PMR, TMR, P25 Trunked, P25 conventional, data, messaging, signalling, scanning and voting.

• Ruggedized, heavy duty construction for reliability in all vehicle types.

• Multiple choice of control console or control microphones depending on user requirements.

• Cost effective choices for entry level options that can be expanded or added in future to meet evolving business needs.

• Programmable function buttons and parameters to allow customers to tailor the radio for their requirement.

• 32 Keys digital encryption on P25 models. Voice scrambler option for analogue models.

• Safety and emergency functions such as Lone Worker, Stun, GPS and Emergency.

• Compatible with SAMS Automatic Vehicle Location suite. 

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SRP9120/30 Portable Radios

The versatile and cost effective SRP9120/30 family of two-way radios provide new benchmarks in communications. Now fitted with the unique functionality and flexibility provided by the Xmode platform, this radio is the answer to your communications challenges now and in the future. Where flexibility, performance and reliability are paramount, the SRP9120/30 is your clear choice.

• Full Xmode capability including PMR, TMR, P25 Trunked, P25 conventional, data, messaging, signalling, scanning and voting.

• Cost effective choices for entry level options that can be expanded or added in future to meet evolving business needs.

• Bright, easy to read display with ergonomic radio controls for operator convenience.

• DES-OFB and AES Digital encryption, 32 Keys. Custom encryption schemes can be supported.

• Industry leading voting performance in both analogue and digital modes.

• Programmable function buttons and radio parameters.

• Safety and emergency functions such as Lone Worker, Stun, GPS/Man Down

and Emergency.

• Full compatibility with SAMS Automatic Vehicle Location suite.

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The SRP9170/80 has been designed from the ground up to meet the exacting and demanding needs of mission critical users.

Coupled with the functionality and flexibility that only Xmode can deliver, this is the radio to meet your current and future needs. Where flexibility, performance and reliability in demanding environments is paramount, the SRP9170/80 will meet the challenge.

Full Xmode capability including PMR, TMR, P25 Trunked, P25 Conventional, data, messaging, signalling, scanning and voting.

• Ruggedized robust construction for demanding use.

• Bright, easy to read display with ergonomic radio controls for operator convenience.

• Intrinsic safety for hazardous environment operations.

• IP67 ingress protection against dust and water immersion.

• DES-OFB and AES Digital encryption, 32 Keys. Custom encryption schemes can be supported.

• Programmable function buttons and radio parameters.

• Safety and emergency functions such as Lone Worker, Stun, GPS/Man Down and Emergency Alarm.

• Multi-vendor compatible accessory connector supports current generation or legacy accessories.

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TSF2000 Base Station Repeater

The TSF2000 Series is the world's most advanced range of Base Stations for Analogue Communications Systems, manufactured in a super slim 1RU 19” chassis.

The TSF2025 and 2100 are slim-line, cost-effective, high performance Base Stations for the 21st century with IP ready interfaces and comprehensive remote control facilities.

The TSF2000 series is based on the technology used in the well proven and popular SRM9000 Series of VHF and UHF Transceivers. These products are Digital Signal Processors (DSP) controlled, fully synthesized, frequency modulated, VHF/UHF Radios.

The TSF2000 series provides plug in replacement to many other manufacturer's Base Stations through the use of highly configurable I/O connectors and programming parameters.

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The Xfin represents the successful convergence of professional MPT1327 trunked radios with next generation hardware and VoIP technology.

A trunked site consists of a number of Xfin units, which are interconnected using standard CAT5 Ethernet cable.

Each Xfin is a self-contained 1RU trunked system with integrated base station and has the capability to provide control and/or traffic channel operation.

Multiple Xfin sites can be connected together to form a wide area coverage network using a standard IP connection between sites.

Standard Xfin specifications include:

Integrated Xscale Intel network processor and Blackfin digital signal processor into a signal unit for advanced functionality

Expandable in modules of 1 to 32 voice and data channels to meet the needs of small business or large scale enterprises

Plug & Play format allows easy installation and zero downtime

Uses digital techniques for voice and data over an IP platform for cost effective expansion

Remote configuration, monitoring and call logging puts customers in touch with all aspects of their mobile fleet

Conforms to the proven, reliable and open MPT1327 standard for trunked radio systems

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The 30450 Voter is a stand-alone RSSI voter and Line Interface Unit with a capacity for 16 Lines.

The Voter provides the best signal selection (Voting) and transmitter steering when used in a multi-station PMR System.

The voter forms the Interface between the control room (Console Dispatcher equipment) and the lines or links used to connect to remote Base Station sites.

Capacity available in 1x16 or 2x6 line.

Votes on out of band Received Signal Strength Indicator tone.

Receiver mounted RSSI tone generator PCB is available separately.

Voter algorithm configuration includes “Hold” and Change on “Step-size”.

Global RTN Inhibit facility

Talk-through Re-broadcast facility.

Transmitter key steering – Selection configurable

Engineer/Emergency handset connector

Engineer Terminal PC application software for configuration and interrogation included.

VoIP Interface available.

Download PDF (401)

Quasi-Sync (SOLAR)

In two-way radio systems Quasi-Sync, also often referred to as Simulcast, refers to the practice of transmitting a signal (usually voice) to a group of mobile units across a wide geographic area via multiple transmitters.

Quasi-Sync allows multiple RF transmitters using a single identical frequency to provide this extended coverage.

This is especially important in applications that require wide-area coverage while still preserving limited radio spectrum bandwidth or channels.

SOLAR is an integrated system that can provide Quasi-Sync capability using a user supplied IP Network to connect all system elements.

The SOLAR module features include:

Digital interconnection links (either internet or Intranet)

Synchronization of input to Base Station Transmitters, automatically compensating for link delay

Can incorporate a voter, which automatically selects the best Base Station Receiver

A 1PPS input from a GPS receiver to synchronise each site

8 controls and 8 monitor I/Os to facilitate remote supervision of the local environment.

Supervision features enable the user at the Central Interface Unit to determine the status of that Unit, the Station Unit and Environment.

The COSMOS family, which is an analogue version of SOLAR and used in non-IP applications, is also available upon request.

GPS Antenna Receiver (40742)

Used in the Quasi – Sync System, the model 40742 GPS Antenna RX is an aerial, receiver and serial interface all in one self-contained unit. Based on a Furuno module it provides a 1PPS stream along with NMEA format time, position and status data via two duplex serial interfaces. There is no need for RF in the interconnecting cable.

GPS Standard Positioning Service

12 Channels of continuous tracking RS422 Time/Status Interface

Weather and UV resistant Operating -30 ° C to 70 ° C

Sat-Sync 7

Also used with Quasi-Sync systems, the 30674 is a high stability frequency generator useful to synchronise base station transmitters. The Sat-Sync 7 uses GPS derived 1PPS as an accurate and stable source to deliver 2 channels, each with 2 outputs (eg. 10MHz & CTSS).

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SAMS5000 Automatic Vehicle Location System

SAMS5000 is the latest development in Automatic Vehicle Location System using Simoco two-way radios.

The AVL is a plug-in system designed for use within the SAMS desktop environment providing GIS based vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring functions utilising a built in GPS receiver in your mobile radio or in the remote speaker microphone of your portable radio.

Multi mode capability – PMR & MPT1327 TMR radio systems.

Master node computer includes radio server and user interface.

Radio server and nodes can reside anywhere on the network.

Supports multiple work stations (remote nodes) allowing flexible workflow.

Integrated maintenance tools; event log & fleet activity.

Map zooms down to street numbers.

Address lookup/street search feature.

Multiple polling queues.

Operates in real-time or replay mode.

Integrated alarm functionality.

Radio data transactions recorded to database.

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