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AA Radio Qld was asked to install specialist Satellite and Colinear whip antennas on Airbus Helicopters, Building C, at Brisbane Airport. This building houses test equipment for monitoring the performance of the NH90 and Tiger Military Helicopters.

The job presented a few challenges, not the least of which was the curved hangar style roof three stores high. The transmitters used in this application had only a 5W power output, which meant we had to opt for a low loss cable to be installed as the distance from equipment to antenna was approximately 25 metres. AVA 550 FX was selected as a suitable cable.  LMR 400 UF (ultra Flex) was used for the tails to feed the antennas.

IMG_0238Antenna mounting was the next challenge. Because of the curved roof, brackets had to be designed and manufactured to effect mounting on the building supports but without drilling into them and thereby compromising the structural integrity of the steel. Clamp style mounts were designed by AA Radio and manufactured locally to specifications.

Due to the height and  location of the building, an elevated work platform with 12 mtrs vertical and 7 mtrs horizontal reach was required to install the antenna mounts. Getting  25 mtr lengths of AVA 550 FX into the roof space above design offices also proved a challenge.  As a result, Workplace Health and Safety considerations were a major part of the planning and execution of this installation.

The installation took place over 4 days the biggest hurdle proved to be moving the elevated work platform around a very busy car park. Positioning of the satellite antennas needed to be exact (azimuth and elevation for the technically minded) so careful aligning was required and a few  trips “up and down” for testing resulted in the desired position.

The antennas have subsequently been used in a number of testing procedures and performed very well. The resultant time saving for the engineers at Airbus Group (having previously had to set up temporary antennas outside in the car park with transportable test equipment) has seen productive time increased for them and the ability to test over greater time periods.

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