FAQ – Battery Maintenance

Flat Battery …. but you thought it was charged? 

When charging a battery, the charger’s ready light will eventually illuminate, indicating that the battery is fully charged. The user assumes that the battery has reached its full potential and the battery is taken in confidence.

‘Ready’ or not………?

The ‘green light’ does not guarantee sufficient battery capacity or assure good state-of-health.

‘Charged’ or ‘Ready’ only indicates that the battery is full to whatever capacity that was available to fill.

The rechargeable battery is a corrosive device that gradually loses the ability to hold a charge. Lack of periodic maintenance on nickel-based batteries hastens the capacity loss through crystalline formation, also known as memory. Lead and lithium-based batteries have other age related degradations.

The capacity loss becomes apparent usually after one year of service.

Some batteries deteriorate faster than others. Battery users are often unaware that their fleet batteries may barely last a day with minimal energy reserve to spare.

Weak batteries can hide comfortably if little demand is placed on them during an ordinary day but the situation changes dramatically when full performance is required during an emergency situation.

A collapse of portable communications will often be caused by poor battery performance. Poor battery performance can be avoided with a simple but affective battery maintenance program.

AA Radio can analyze and prepare condition reports on your two-way radio batteries and develop a simple, self managed battery maintenance program to ensure the state of health of your batteries are at their most optimum.

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