Queensland Ambulance Service

The Department of Community Safety was created in March 2009 and includes the Queensland Ambulance Service, the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, Queensland Corrective Services and Emergency Management Queensland.

The Department of Community Safety (DCS) provides ambulance, fire, search & rescue, emergency management and hazardous materials services to the community of Queensland.

More than 8,300 staff and many thousands of volunteers work together to keep more than 4 million Queenslanders safe across the vast state of 1.77 million square kilometres.

DCS has three operational divisions; QLD Ambulance Service (QAS), Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) and QLD Fire & Rescue Service (QFRS). These operational agencies provide vital services in all phases of emergency and disaster management including prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Policy and Executive Services and Business Support Services divisions provide strategic and business support.

DCS requires radio communications to support operations in responding to a wide range of scenarios including traffic accidents, fires, major medical emergencies, chemical and oil spills, floods, cyclones, storm surges, aircraft accidents and search and rescue.

DCS has some of the largest radio communications networks in QLD. These networks have been installed to meet the ever increasing demands placed on emergency services and are configured specifically to suit operational requirements.

DCS currently operates six (6) separate analogue radio networks and a QLD Ambulance Service (QAS) mobile data network to support in field communication. DCS has in excess of 400 radio sites across all operational divisions.

The Queensland Department of Community Safety recently commissioned AA Radio to perform radio inspections on all Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) voice repeaters and station base radios in Region 4 – North Coast Region and to provide detailed information on the condition of the radio system and associated sites through exception reporting.

Having provided a high level quality of audits and maintenance work for the DCS previously, AA Radio were chosen to, develop the report format and metrics, plan the technical teams schedules, liaise with the various QAS stations and supply extensive documentation through to the provision of comprehensive reports.

The primary challenge encountered on the project was managing timely access and works to sites and QAS stations whilst ensuring their critical network and radio communications equipment remained operational.

The AA Radio Projects Team covered thousands of kilometres and encountered adverse weather conditions, unforeseen road closures and bush fires yet managed to maintain the schedule and deliver the project on time and on budget.

Scheduled maintenance and servicing of the QAS communications equipment is vital to the ongoing reliability of such an important system.

With the known capabilities of AA Radio, a reputation in providing excellence in service and a genuine care and sense of pride in the provision of those services, it is clear why AA Radio Services was the right choice for the Department of Community Safety radio inspections (Queensland Ambulance Service) voice repeaters and station base radios in Region 4 – North Coast Region.

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