For many years system designers and radio manu­facturers have grappled with solutions to enhance user mobility through increased portable radio cov­erage particularly when away from the vehicle. These solutions typically involved significant addi­tions of base station infrastructure; radio sites and complex remote receiver voting systems to back fill marginal coverage areas.

Alternatively, manufacturers developed cumbersome vehicle based repeater systems where local simplex portable transmissions are repeated through a ve­hicle fitted cross-band repeater back into the base station network. These systems require additional engineering considerations, additional frequencies and the design of complex contention management protocols to eliminate radio communications clash­ing from multiple vehicle repeaters at the scene.

Meeting the challenge of delivering enhanced mo­bility for radio users, Wireless Pacific developed the X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone. The X10DR enables users, for the first time, complete and total freedom to leave the vehicle and stay constantly connected by the vehicle radio to team members and dispatch control rooms.

The X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone maintains a reliable, encrypted link to the mobile radio for up to 300 metres from the fixed vehicle radio. The X10DR performs like a remote speaker microphone invisibly connected to the mobile providing full Push To Talk transmit, re­ceive and emergency call functionality.

The user experiences easy operation and total control of the full powered mobile radio. The X10DR is a revolutionary yet cost effective solution to an age-old problem.


The X10DR lever­ages critical system considerations by design to provide users with full mobile performance in their pocket. Each X10DR is hard coded to each mobile securely ensuring instant and reliable access at all times. The X10DR has been designed with simplicity in mind, eliminating mode buttons and menus whilst retaining essential push to talk remote microphone functionality.

X10DR’s are designed to attach comfortably to an ep­aulette or lapel ensuring all radio transmissions are received loud and clear whilst absent from the ve­hicle. For added privacy the X10DR enables discrete 3.5mm earpieces and headsets to be connected via an industry standard Hirose connection. The X10DR user remains securely tethered to the radio network while attending out of vehicle incidents. At any time the X10DR user can PTT and connect instantly to the network delivering vehicle unit ID’s, GPS information and status details. X10DR harnesses the full capability and performance of the network and places it into the pocket of the radio user. X10DR has been designed to fit any professional analog, digital or trunked mobile radio delivering user complete network con­nectivity when away from the vehicle.


The X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone incorporates a range optimised RF de­sign with perfectly matched antennas between the vehicle node and the remote microphone.

Within the X10DR communications protocol high level 64/128 bit digital encryption is embedded within each message ensuring high levels of security for each radio voice transmission.


Each X10DR uniquely incorporates HLC™ a “Hard Line Coding” connection protocol that removes any risk or possibility of pairing intrusion and link com­promise between the X10DR and vehicle mobile node during the pairing process.

X10DR’s Hard Line Cod­ing design requires a direct physical connection be­tween the wireless microphone and radio interface, similar in concept to the accepted encryption key­loading principal within secure radio environments.

HLC procedure of device connection delivers users with the confidence that communication transmissions always remain secure and reliable.

The X10DR digital link encryption and HLC security connection protocol typically exceeds the voice security levels of most mobile radios, base stations and control infrastruc­ture systems.


X10DR performance has been targeted at the main­stream need for vehicle-based personnel to rapidly move away from their vehicle while remaining con­nected. The variety of users can range from heavy haulage delivery truck drivers, couriers, security staff to that of public safety personnel.

Regardless of it been a few metres or a few hundred metres, the diversity of coverage expectations requires a platform of system solutions to address the scope of complexity needed to achieve acceptable perfor­mance

The X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone in its most basic form delivers solid sound communications for approximately 60-100 metres from the vehicle by us­ing a simple ground independent antenna attached directly to the base of the vehicle X-Ponder charging unit.

Alternatively, the range can be significantly en­hanced to provide greater acceptable performance over longer distances such as into the lobby of buildings by use of a roof-mounted antenna.

As with all radio communications solutions 100% coverage can never be guaranteed but by the care­ful selection of antenna height and gain the desired level of acceptable performance can be achieved.


Mission critical and business essential radio users demand reliability and performance without compro­mise. First responders totally depend on their radio systems to perform difficult duties and remain con­nected to their teams both in and out of their vehicles. Public Safety Land Mobile radio systems have evolved with a single focus for mission critical reliability that must work each and every time the PTT is engaged.

Based on these fundamentals the X10DR has been de­signed to build on and complement these key system objectives. Users in these environments expect ro­bust, reliable and high performance communications; the X10DR delivers as an easy to use mobile radio ac­cessory that extends the mobile radio to the working environment. Simplicity and easy operation charac­terise the design fundamentals of the X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone.


While the X10DR system has been designed to ad­dress the single user goal of remaining connected to the network when away from the vehicle, the X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone can be teamed up when required and provide multiple user operation from a single mobile radio.


For organisations that typically may deploy more than one vehicle to any one incident, accident or work site, X10DR inherent design ensures that each Se­cure Wireless Microphone remains exclusively con­nected to their assigned vehicle. There is no need for any user intervention as vehicles arrive or leave the scene.


X10DR’s can provide a duress button that can be used to activate the emer­gency mode within the host mobile ra­dio. When the duress mode is activated on the X10DR, the appropriately fitted host mobile radio, can signal the con­trol room or other radio channel users by activating other mobile based emer­gency features such as Unit ID’s, open Mics and GPS data location information.


Single operator or rural control rooms can stay in constant contact whilst away from the RF Control or local base by wearing an X10DR Secure Wireless Mi­crophone around the office or facility.

Use of an ear­piece or the Hirose headset connection also allows communication discretion in a busy office scenario.


Watercraft operators can also stay in constant con­tact whilst moving around the craft both up and below deck. X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone can inter­face to Land Mobile and Marine Radio equipment.


Large Support appliances often fit a second radio or control head to the rear of the unit. This adds significant cost and logistics. A Two Up X10DR system will provide radio control from both ends of the appliance but also while the users move around the vehicle. X10DR universal audio inter­face is ready for helmets and BA systems. The vehicle radio remains the focal radio of the ap­pliance team reducing confusion and “who is on which channel”.


The small size of the X10DR unit may allow for its selective use in covert applications. The remote monitor PTT function means someone else can enable “listening” without the covert operative having to touch anything. As audio is duplex (bi­directional), you can also talk to them at the same time. A highly secure 128 bit version is also available to ensure high levels of voice protection.


In general the X10DR is intended for all types of mission critical and business essential operational de­ployments, with a special focus on supporting lone workers.

It is highly suitable for employee duty of care in situations where staff may be required to work at remote or isolated locations and there exists a possible risk of injury or threat of welfare. The X10DR provides a re-assuring constant voice link back to the office equipped radio so after hours staff can be alerted in the event of an emergency situation.


The X10DR is set to revolutionise the future of mobile radio communications for mission critical and business es­sential users. The X10DR is a liberating, cost-effective, robust and reliable solution that enables wireless, encrypted communications to 300 metres or more from a vehicle or fixed mobile radio system.

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