AA Radio Services Pty Ltd is a long established supplier of mobile radio communication equipment and associated services for over fifty (50) years. Initially the major focus was on repair of two way radio terminals which has since grown into all areas of radio communications system sales, design, installation, professional services and support.

The company has enjoyed a long track record of strong customer service and successful delivery of reliable solutions to its customer base. Operating from its head office in Vermont, Melbourne, AA Radio has grown to be one of the premier two way radio independent wireless solutions and support providers in Australia and the largest of its kind in Victoria.

Today AA Radio operates with integrated business focuses in the areas of Service and Support, Commercial and Industrial Sales, Online Shop, Systems & Projects, Antenna Sites & Towers and Wireless Networks.

The company was acquired in October, 2010 by a highly experienced team who have worked extensively in the two-way radio and wireless industry. This influx of skills and resources has been used to increase the focus on end to end solution delivery and support and to set up a Systems and Projects business unit.

In addition to the head office, workshop and warehouse in Vermont, Melbourne the business has expanded to provide support points in Bendigo, Shepparton and the Sunraysia District to further strengthen this focus.

As well as our direct approach to servicing the market, AA Radio has recently established an online shop, which allows many customers a more efficient path to obtaining equipment and spare parts.

AA Radio has been recognised by the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (A.R.C.I.A.) for excellence in industry performance.

In September 2010 AA Radio was awarded the largest vehicle installation project in Australia by Tait Radio, for the Country Fire Authority. This project involved the programming, configuration and installation of P25 digital radios and portable vehicle chargers into thousands of specialized fire fighting vehicles and appliances. This was followed in 2013 by a project of similar size and scope with the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI).


At AA Radio we understand there is an unfulfilled need in the market for a highly skilled organisation with genuine vendor independence to design, implement and support effective radio communications solutions.

With the emergence of a new wave of digital products and standards, the choices can often be confusing. The team at AA Radio are responsible for the supply and installation of a plethora of analogue systems and many of the current digital radio systems throughout Australia, all tailor made to suit our customers’ specific requirements.

We are of the firm opinion that no single technology fits all, therefore our approach to solution design and delivery is based primarily on the operational and business requirements of our customers.

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