After investing in a mobile communications technology solution to deliver operational, safety and business benefits to an enterprise, the final step is to ensure the equipment is installed correctly. Equipment should be installed professionally and in full compliance with manufacturer specifications. This ensures that the system operates at its optimum, does not compromise user safety or falls foul of regulatory agencies and continues to deliver the return on investment for entire life cycle of the project.

Whether the equipment is single Automatic Vehicle Location telemetry unit into courier van, or a complex mix of multiple two-way radios into a fire fighting vehicle with remote reporting and control, the principles of planning and executing remain the same.

AA Radio has successfully delivered some of the largest fleet installations in Australia into vehicle and fixed assets for customers such as Country Fire Authority, D.E.L.W.P (D.E.P.I.), Port of Melbourne Corporation and Hancock Plantations plus many other Industrial and Government customer. These total tens of thousands of units and due to the critical nature that communications plays in their operations, demand the highest levels of quality and reliability while minimising vehicle “down time” during the installation program.