Digital Systems

In the European summer of 1895, Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi successfully managed to transmit a telegraphic message over a distance of 2.4 kilometres. And so, the man who history refers to as “the father of long distance radio transmission” gave to the world a platform of unimaginable possibilities. From these humble beginnings, radio has evolved and branched out into multiple areas that have touched all our lives. From Wireless LAN’s through to Paging Receivers, Mobile Telephones through to Trunked Radios and the many seemingly endless variations in between.

Analogue Systems

Analogue has been the mainstay of radio communications technology for over seventy years. Whilst electronic hardware has progressed from vacuum tubes through to sophisticated miniaturized microelectronics, the fundamental platform of analogue modulation and channel access schemes has underpinned the rich functionality that society has enjoyed from this medium. All aspects of society including industry, Government, Public Safety, individuals and communities have greatly benefitted from the progression and evolution of analogue two-way radio.


Voice over IP (VoIP) and Radio over IP (RoIP) are technologies that have become dominant building blocks in communications systems. Analogue voice is converted into IP data packets and then sent over bearer such as the Internet, LAN/WAN, WiFi, Microwave, Radio and so forth. These packets are then re-constituted at the receiving end and converted back to the original analogue signal.

This offers tremendous benefits and flexibility when designing a solution in the areas of:

  • Voice and data quality
  • Security with encryption
  • Flexibility of routing to multiple areas, sites or cities
  • System architecture
  • Voice recording and storage
  • Integration into telephone, PABX, trunked radio and conventional radio systems

AA Radio has extensive experience in providing IP solutions for many customers such as Life Saving Victoria, Port of Melbourne Corporation and Western Health. With our strong and long-established relationships with the key suppliers; we have the expertise to design, install and support a best in class solution.


PTToC or Press to Talk Over Cellular is an exciting new technology that offers some of the functionality of a two-way radio incorporated into a mobile device such as a phone, tablet or purpose-built rugged industrial unit. The technology uses the mobile telephone network to provide wide-area coverage across regions, state-wide or national.

As with any technology however, there are some limitations and careful analysis of youf communications needs must be undertaken to ensure the right outcome for your business, staff and customers.


IP & Wireless Networks

The Network is a key part of any voice and data solution. It can range from a single WiFi access point or radio base station, through to a multi-site system with hundreds of nodes spread across multiple sites. When the network either fails or under-performs, users become frustrated, productivity is lost and customer satisfaction invariably is affected.

Designing such a network requires detailed consideration to ensure that the network provides the necessary performance to internal users and end-customers.

This offers tremendous benefits and flexibility when designing a solution in the areas of:

  • How many users does the network need to support?
  • What is their typical usage profile in terms of data volumes, frequency of access?
  • What physical areas and sites does the network need to cover?
  • What data throughput and response times are required during the busy period?
  • What are the security requirements?
  • What are the redundancy and failover requirements?
  • What are the support requirements during business and after hours?
  • What regime of Network Monitoring and Quality Assurance will be used?
  • What type of network access devices will be issued to users and how are these to be supported?
  • What type of future demand is predicted and how will the network be expanded to meet this?


AA Radio has extensive experience in working through these issues with our customers to ensure a network is designed that will meet or exceed the requirements. We can provide optional tailored technical support, maintenance and monitoring to ensure it delivers consistent performance through its entire life cycle.