The heart of any wireless network is the infrastructure which provides the “last mile”, or in many cases, the “last 100km” of communications. Items such as Access Points, Repeaters, Wireless Routers/Bridges, RoIP Links and Broadband IP/Microwave Links are critical in ensuring the performance, integrity and reliability of the network is maintained. Since these items all utilize wireless technology from the very smallest to the largest of networks, then additional maintenance challenges present themselves over traditional IT elements. Along with Radio Frequency (RF) layer; the trait all these items have in common is that an antenna system is required to efficiently radiate signal outwards, and receive signals coming in. If element is compromised in any way, the network begins to perform poorly in terms of reliability and quality of service. Reduced signal means data errors which result in multiple re-tries of bad packets leading to poor throughput and lost voice quality. AA Radio maintains large wide-area networks such as the Optus mobile telephone network in regional Victoria; through to specialized hybrid voice and broadband data networks such as Monash Health. To successfully maintain a wireless network, the correct diagnosis and treatment system issues is vital.