A Future Without Limit

Hydra Network™ is an all Australian owned and operated secure two-way communications network, built using the Australian developed Intelligent Radio Protocol, IRP®. Based in Melbourne, Australia with a global footprint covering Asia, Europe and North America, Hydra is setting the standard for instant secure group voice and data communications.

Rapid Command

Rapid Command is a feature-rich fleet management suite for Rapid on your desktop computer. An intuitive display & user interface provides you with accurate and timely information to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your enterprise.

Situational awareness is a key objective of the application and is achieved through a robust mapping solution. Rapid Command integrates Google Maps for a high-quality mapping experience, including real-time traffic data and the full selection of Google map types.

Rapid Command has all the voice functionality of the Rapid client application, including instant group transmissions and private calls. An enhanced level of command and control functionality is offered by the ability to interrupt voice transmissions, dynamically regroup users, broadcast to multiple groups, and monitor multiple groups.

Rapid Command provides all users a safe and productive working environment, presenting relevant and timely user information such as whereabouts, alerts and alarms.


Features & Functions

  • Always On, IRP® , Intelligent Radio Protocol
  • Google Maps integration, GPS location services, multi view, real time traffic
  • User presence: online status, group and transmission status
  • Current or last known location with time stamps
  • Speed and direction of users
  • Detailed GPS coordinate histories, breadcrumbs on map
  • Event logs
  • Intuitive geofencing creation and notifications
  • Voice replay across all groups and users
  • Instant, secure group PTT
  • Instant, secure private individual calls
  • Supervisor capability: simultaneous multi group transmit and receive
  • Dispatcher has voice interruption priority over users
  • Selectively invite users into a private call
  • Dynamic regrouping
  • Secure instant text messaging to groups and individuals
  • Securely send and receive files between groups and individual users.
  • View and acknowledge emergency alerts including distress calls, lone worker, zone worker and man down alerts
  • Deep settings customisation including: Jitter buffer, global PTT hotkey assignment, sounds on transmit, auto start-up and auto login
  • External microphone device support
  • Remotely locate a lost or stolen device
  • AES-256 rolling key encryption