RFI CDQ7195 - 4G LTE Cellular Mobile Antenna - 698-2700 MHz (Black Radome / Black Chrome Spring) - Contact us for Pricing and Availability



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The outstanding performance of the CDQ7100 series lies in the use of the patented Meander™ radiating elements. These Meander™ circuits are coupled together to deliver extraordinary consistency in gain, coverage pattern and bandwidth. The result is a unique antenna able to operate across all mobile phone networks globally, housed in the one unit.

In addition, the CDQ7100 series are designed with our Q-Fit® system for quick and simple removal of the whip section. This allows users to remove the whip section when entering car washes, low height areas such as car parks and for security. The antennas are provided with a waterproof sealing cap to prevent the ingress of dust and water when the whip section is removed.

 Patented PCB based Meander™ collinear design offering the ultimate in pattern and gain stability
 Ideal for all new 4G networks with true multi-band coverage
 High gain across 4Gx/4G+ band suiting fringe and rural applications
 Q-Fit® removable whip system for ease of removal in low height environments such as multi-story car parks, car wash’s or for security

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